Since you left me

Here is a piece I wrote a little over a year ago, sitting in a coffee shop in Beijing, recuperating after a disappointing afternoon and a tough first few weeks in China. After all the frustrations I'd come up against and the trying paths I'd trodden to get there, I hoped that maybe I had [...]

What do Punk girl bands, hangovers and radical feminist texts have in common? Valentine’s Day 2015

The highlight of last year’s Valentine’s was the Friday night adventure of a housemate’s kitten whom we thought had found her way outside for the first time in her life and was instead rescued by another scantily-clad-and-feeling-macho housemate from beneath the floorboards and given a very scratchy bath at 3am. A tad less dramatic, this [...]

Having it all?

Career and love: can we ever have it all? So, I’ve got a bit of a situation here, and I’ve no idea how it’ll turn out. I want my personal relationships to bring me happiness. I want to have a successful, fulfilling career. But it seems that wanting both simultaneously is just too much to [...]

Part-time face; part-time you?

A few days ago I came across something that further confused my already complicated relationship with make-up: this. My first reaction was amazement. I have never used nor experienced make-up being used like this before (make-up isn’t exactly my forte). Of course I’m not completely oblivious. I know it can work wonders. I realise that [...]