Dating in China [part 5]

Date says more attractive with clothes on. Does an open relationship translate to open dates? Getting an I.O.U. for accepting a drink. Women tell true stories of their dating experiences in China. Part five in a five part series of interviews. All stories shared by the women who experienced them in their own words.

What’s in a name? or, Who am I?

Shakespeare told us that: ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’, which is true, to an extent. And yet, and yet... Some people suit their name. There are those people who are utterly, one hundred percent, an ‘Annie’ or a ‘Joe’. Perhaps they were the first person called Annie that you ever [...]

What if you had never

I wrote this piece today in Hong Kong. I spent the weekend here with the man I love, and I'm a little sad to leave this whirlwind city. So I got to thinking about the night we met and everything that has happened since. I had never envisaged how my life would change, but it [...]