China Voices Project

Like the Burma Voices Project, the China Voices Project aims to seek out and share genuine voices from China. The first stage of this project focuses on the women of China and their stories.

Women of China

The women of China are as diverse as the country is big. Contemporary Chinese mega-cities, like Beijing, are full of people from across the country and all corners of the globe. This series of articles and posts will not divide these women by region, ethnicity or nationality, but unite them as part of a single community full of variation and diversity.

As the vast majority of these stories are gathered in person, the likelihood is that many will have some connection to Beijing because this is where and life offline converge.

Dating in China [part 4] [Nov 2016]

#9 Guy uses Chinese whispers to ask for a date. #10 Remedies for dating in inauspicious circumstances.

Dating in China [part 3] [Nov 2016]

#6 A Chinese first boyfriend who ruined dating for years. #7 Suffering through sleep apnea on a first date. #8 Offered money for sex with a stranger.

Dating in China [part 2] [Nov 2016]

#4 Humiliation by comedy in a Beijing bar. #5 Parents say, “break up with him” because boyfriend is not Chinese.

Dating in China [part 1] [Nov 2016]

#1 Learning that an ex is married. #2 Walking away from a Tinder date. #3 Getting set up by your boyfriend.

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