Lo.Re.Li stands for Look, Read, Listen. Loreli is an open platform that hosts the works of visual artists, sound artists, and writers in China. Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 14.16.08

Loreli operates on two principles: inclusivity of all aspiring writers and artists and recognition of quality

I began contributing to Loreli in September 2015, and they’ve since published an interview with me about my writing, feminism and China. Here’s a little look at my work on Loreli:

Gender Equality in China – in the words of one humble observer (Loreli Interview)

[excerpt] I use the phrase global feminism because disconnects between western feminist strongholds and developing world feminism can often be misconstrued. There is no reason a western feminist ‘we’ must set the agenda for a developing world feminist ‘them’. Chinese activists are navigating the way toward gender equality using a contemporary Chinese feminism, on their own terms. Nonetheless, Chinese feminism still embodies the principles by which feminists around the world are bound together.

Can Rape Jokes Ever be Funny? Sexist Faux Pas at a Beijing Bar

[excerpt] How convenient that there were no other men present at our table when he sidled up to share his joke – that he didn’t run the risk of being called out by his own gender for being a creep. Had he imagined that only women would grant him a laugh? Was it painful to him that even a girl wouldn’t laugh at his joke?