When Something Fits, There’s Just A Question Of Being It

I recently made a major decision that will change my life.

Since then, other parts of my life have really improved. Everything around me has taken on the glisten of wonderment that I hadn’t seen there previously.

So, its probably about time I told the world. Or, at least, those in it who don’t already know…

I’m moving to China.

Beijing to be precise.

My decision was the result of a minor crisis that came after several months of serious overworking and underenjoying life. I decided I needed to change things, so went back to the drawing board, where I fleshed out plans I’d left virtually untouched for almost a year. (More about my decision-inducing crisis here).

It all happened very fast. I applied, had an interview and got the job within a week, having to promise it’s what I really wanted and therefore would not back out. I knew it was exactly the right thing for me at this point.

‘You know how it is when something fits, there’s just a question of being it.’

– Beth Orton.

Hope soon turned to overjoyed excitement, but I couldn’t share these feelings too openly – didn’t want to jinx it. Before I enrolled on a teaching course and handed in my notice at work, I had to wait for confirmation that I would actually be let into the country for a year…

Once that came, everything changed. But it was the decision that liberated me from my unhappiness.

It’s amazing the way a change in your attitude towards one element in your life can change everything in your life.

Once I felt I’d finally found my route into long-term professional happiness, I looked up and saw the good things in my life for what they truly are: abso-fucking-lutely fan-fucking-tastic.

The few weeks since I’ve handed in my notice at work have gone by in a haze of sunshine and fun. I’ve spent my time more socially, catching up with friends from all corners of the country.

I met a boy I really like hanging out with, and we’ve been on adventures to places in London I’ve never been before. I’ve done loads of cool stuff with my awesome housemates, including finding an abandoned zoo on an island in Croatia… And I’ve actually quite enjoyed work too, because I know I’m ending on good terms and leaving to pursue something I truly love.

Things are almost so good that it might lead me to falter, to question my choice to leave this place and the people in it. If I’d chosen to leave to escape London, my work, my lifestyle, I might have changed my mind, because I would be going for the wrong reasons. But now, instead of leaving London next Monday and being glad to see the back of it, I will have fond memories of a place I’d be happy to move back to in future.

London Sunset

(Image via)

Thank you, London, for making me love you again.

(Originally published on Aliljoy.com on June 23 2014)

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