My fear of failure and how I use it as a motivational tool

Lying side by side in the darkness one evening, at that time of night when we know we should be sleeping but have our most honest conversations, he asked me something he had yet to learn about me: “What are you most afraid of? Is it Spiders? Snakes?” No, I’m not scared of spiders or [...]

Having it all?

Career and love: can we ever have it all? So, I’ve got a bit of a situation here, and I’ve no idea how it’ll turn out. I want my personal relationships to bring me happiness. I want to have a successful, fulfilling career. But it seems that wanting both simultaneously is just too much to [...]


Old habits die hard. Or do they? Over one of the many Easter-time bank holidays, a friend of mine visited me in London for a few days. Coming from the country, she’d bought a glossy women’s magazine to occupy her during the journey. I’m not one to buy magazines – so rarely read them. Flicking [...]

Part-time face; part-time you?

A few days ago I came across something that further confused my already complicated relationship with make-up: this. My first reaction was amazement. I have never used nor experienced make-up being used like this before (make-up isn’t exactly my forte). Of course I’m not completely oblivious. I know it can work wonders. I realise that [...]