Take 2: Dating Etiquette

So… this was a while ago, and I have since had a very good dating experience, but here are my initial thoughts on joining the online dating world. There’s a lot to be said for it as a new way of meeting people, but it isn’t quite like meeting people in person.

Dating Etiquette: Virtual Judgement


I recently went on my first ever date with a stranger. Not completely blind, mind you – but we had never met before. Some weeks ago, I realised that I hadn’t met anyone new since I moved to London in October – in a non-professional, non-living-in-the-same-house scope anyway. So, on a Saturday morning 2am whim, I joined a dating site. You know, the free one that has vague religious affiliations.

I quickly discovered that there’s a helluva lot of self-marketing going on here – and I am told that women get far more positive responses than men, which may tell us more about the gender doing the judging than the gender being judged – so you really have to think about how you’re likely to be perceived.

Click the link in the title to read the full article on Aliljoy.

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