Circus: Dance or not?

When I requested tickets for Circusfest 2014 at London’s Roundhouse, I was working on the basis that I’d reviewed some circus in the Mime Festival earlier in the year, and though not strictly dance, circus seems physical and choreographed enough that it might just fit in…

In my opinion, circus is just on the brink of dance, basically depending on where you draw the line. I’m pretty anti-discrimination on all counts, which (perhaps ridiculously) extends to my views on performing arts. To some extent, I feel that categorising art forms is a bit like segregating groups of people based on personal prejudices… so here’s a review about the circus (made particularly enjoyable by the free drink coupon press receive).

Compagnie La Meute © Ben Hopper
Compagnie La Meute © Ben Hopper

Circusfest 2014: Compagnie La Meute at The Roundhouse

From the moment the first man emerges wearing nothing but a towel nappy, to the moment their towels drop to reveal their derrières, Compagnie La Meute are playful, funny and completely absurd. Recent graduates of the Stockholm University of Circus and Dance, these French acrobats give us La Meute, the opening show of Circusfest 2014 at London’s Roundhouse. Littered with idosyncratic humour, this exhilarating show from Compagnie La Meute will have you on the edge of your seat and simultaneously laughing out loud.

Click on the link in the title to read my full review on Bachtrack.

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