Take 2: Dating Etiquette

So... this was a while ago, and I have since had a very good dating experience, but here are my initial thoughts on joining the online dating world. There's a lot to be said for it as a new way of meeting people, but it isn't quite like meeting people in person. Dating Etiquette: Virtual [...]

One of those days…

Yesterday I had one of those crappy crystalline moments when I realised I not only did not have my keys with me, but I'd left my Oyster card at home too. I managed to get to Angel for an evening of dance - albeit spending more money than is usually required - where I treated [...]

Don’t date a girl who reads

Don't date a girl who reads"The girl who reads has spun out the account of her life, and it is bursting with meaning. She insists that her narratives are rich, her supporting cast colorful, and her typeface bold. She has dreamed, properly, of someone who is better than you are. She will accept nothing less [...]