One of those days…

Yesterday I had one of those crappy crystalline moments when I realised I not only did not have my keys with me, but I’d left my Oyster card at home too. I managed to get to Angel for an evening of dance – albeit spending more money than is usually required – where I treated a housemate to my spare ticket, and she of course had house keys. Today though, I’ve left my phone at work – it’s pathetic memory week apparently – but I’m convinced I’ll live without it for 15 hours.

It does remind me though of my shitty experience sans purse and sans Oyster, when I cried on the tube thinking I was in an invisible Cas World bubble.


On The Line: Crisis on the London Tube

Thinking back to this, I’m curious: why do we  assume that, because we live in a big, busy city we’re automatically faceless and invisible to the people that surround us?

Yes, they are strangers, but that doesn’t make them people any less. I think it says a lot that Londoners tend to expect almost a complete disconnection to other Londoners in public places.

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