When was the last time you took a bath with your mother?

In April this year, my wonderful mother came to visit me in Beijing. She hadn’t taken an international trip alone for a few years. Well, she hadn’t left Europe alone for something like 30 years. (Having kids changes things like that, I would think.) So she boarded a plane from Norwich to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to [...]

Since you left me

Here is a piece I wrote a little over a year ago, sitting in a coffee shop in Beijing, recuperating after a disappointing afternoon and a tough first few weeks in China. After all the frustrations I'd come up against and the trying paths I'd trodden to get there, I hoped that maybe I had [...]

“Do hippies dye their hair?”

What's a girl to do the night before taking an international flight to an shiny metropolitan city she's never been to before? Other than prepare for the morning's classes, remember to water the plants, write a to-do list with a whiteboard propped on her lap... Why, dye her hair of course (and pack, packing should [...]