What’s In My Way?

The bizarrities of life in an unfamiliar culture have left me catatonic with over-inspiration.

Unspecific Language

“A new-found sense of balance and movement formulated out of inappropriate ideas and concepts is explored in the piece.” Choreographed/concept by: Ro Kyung Ae Four dancers, in casual clothing and trainers, did pretty much anything but what the average audience member might call dancing. They were lit by a square of light on a white [...]

A Batyr Mamai

A multi-disciplinary piece using puppets, a projections, music and physical theatre. There were some really stunning and successful elements to the piece, it was a real shame not to understand the dialogue and storytelling which so clearly underpinned the production. What I gathered from the non-lingual aspects of things was a story about a mythical [...]


“The memory of a man who studies the nature, origin and transformation of sound. The urban fable of ‘A Girl Reading a Book’ is explored in juxtaposition with the image of an island and memories of a rural girl.” There were some absolutely beautiful moments of movement, colour and sound in the piece. I kept [...]


A multidisciplinary piece about spirits unable to move from this world into the next. Some sections were absolutely beautiful – some utterly impressive choreography in the opening sequence – but I didn’t entirely understand the storyline, if there was one. There was a funny bit with a singer possibly getting killed which I was unsure [...]

Report W

Setting: Two white women and two Korean women, a mental hospital. It was truly weird. I think the two white women were patients; they were wearing pyjamas, doing lots of floor work and making odd noises. The Korean women were doctors or scientists, in white coats, doing experiments on the patients by holding up lighters [...]


Two male dancers. The piece began with the motif of a bouncing ball. The first dancer used mime-style manipulation to imply the solidity of the ball in one place, and the second dancer replaced the ball with his head, and back again. It was a really playful piece, moving from silence, punctuated only by heavy [...]


A story of two lovers; the only set a single chair. The two dancers were both on the chair together for the entire piece – a lot of intricate, delicate movement. There was a beautiful moment when their linked hands mimicked a joint heartbeat, coming into unison and then blurring back into cannon; another moment [...]