Unspecific Language

“A new-found sense of balance and movement formulated out of inappropriate ideas and concepts is explored in the piece.” Choreographed/concept by: Ro Kyung Ae

Four dancers, in casual clothing and trainers, did pretty much anything but what the average audience member might call dancing. They were lit by a square of light on a white floor, and they walked onto stage consciously unconscious of their posture, stance and weight distribution. The dancers did a lot of unspecific movement to some unspecific white noise. Their sound technician (Jin Sang Tae) was visible stage right. noise was very difficult to deal with. It was at an almost ear-splitting sound level, or perhaps it felt too high for human ears, like ultrasound. I was impressed at the dancers’ skill in balancing on their toes, moving their weight around on just a small area; I admired the stamina it took one dancer to do arabesque after arabesque in jeans and trainers; I was dizzied by their repetitive fit-like movement. There was a false ending. They then brought out orange rubber gloves. They put them on carefully, then played around with the different sounds they could make using the gloves. One dancer started clapping – the audience was meant to join in and take over the applause, and there was a pause before the audience understood that this was the real ending of the piece.

Viewed and written on 12th October 2011, in Seoul, South Korea. Originally published on Tumblr.

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