A story of two lovers; the only set a single chair. The two dancers were both on the chair together for the entire piece – a lot of intricate, delicate movement. There was a beautiful moment when their linked hands mimicked a joint heartbeat, coming into unison and then blurring back into cannon; another moment when the male dancer trapped the woman’s head underneath his t-shirt, and she panicked, kicking and crying out as if suffocating, but once she relaxed they were able to explore the new dynamic of the relationship. The control shifted back and forth between them nicely. Unfortunately the movement had lost its newness. This is understandable for performers who’ve done the piece uncountable times, but it’s still new for the audience. The touch between them could have been so much more special it could’ve given the piece an electric atmosphere, but it just wasn’t. The pair were also not loose and comfortable enough in their movement either.The music and lights were not very interesting, so detracted from the piece rather than adding anything to it.

Originally written on Tuesday 4th October 2011, and published on Tumblr

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