The Pulse of Protest

The Pulse of Protest: ACT at Beijing’s Penghao Theatre

&opy; Tanzcompagnie Rubato
Tanzcompagnie Rubato

Toe-tapping, head-banging and placard-raising, ACT infects the audience with the unstoppable rhythm of protest. German ensemble Tanzcompagnie Rubato’s piece was inspired by political demonstrations worldwide over the past decade. Three jeans-clad men offer up image after image of social action, playing out the movement of protest, but don’t seem to be invested in their cause.

The three emerge from behind a plywood screen and begin circling one another in a geometric pattern, a rhythm gradually rising from the sucking sound of their sneakered feet sticking to the floor. A thoughtful hand on each chin gradually pulls open the mouth, which widens, mask-like, in an image representing freedom of speech.

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Originally published by Bachtrack on 7 December 2014

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