An unrivalled insight into the LGBTQ community

Puffball really got me thinking. Here’s why:


CircusFest 2014: Puffball at The Roundhouse

Contorted, standing on a trapeze and wrapped entirely in cling film, a scantily-clad male figure tears his way out of his plastic chrysalis with a rush of red fluid. This womb-like, visceral allusion to ‘coming out of the closet’, to forging a clear personal identity and revealing it to the world, establishes a prevailing theme of Puffball. The ensemble are a large group of young LGBTQ performers and this piece, directed by Mark Storor, explores questions of identity and the experience of love, many of the scenes drawn from personal experiences of members of the company. Puffball is a brave and strangely beautiful part of CircusFest 2014 at London’s Roundhouse.

Click on the link in the title to read the full review on Bachtrack.

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