Getting down and dirty with VDT

Everything in Charlotte Vincent’s Motherland seems deliberately challenging, to the point it is almost stubbornly confrontational.

Motherland © Alastair Muir
Motherland © Alastair Muir

Women of the World: Vincent Dance Theatre’s Motherland

Aggressively sexual, full-frontally experimental and self-consciously provocative, Vincent Dance Theatre’s Motherland dirtied the stage at the Southbank Centre on 9th March 2014 as part of the WOW (Women of the World) Festival 2014. Utterly mad, sometimes poignant and beautiful, and often uncomfortable, Motherland celebrates women in a peculiar and incredibly thought-provoking way…

I was initially quite impressed by the striking, uncompromising Feminist nature of this piece, but, by the end, it left me feeling confused and unconvinced that in fact it was Feminist or even pro-women. Perhaps it was more about the strangeness of relationships and the difficulties of negotiating our paths through life, irrespective of sex or gender. If it weren’t part of the WOW festival at the Southbank, perhaps I wouldn’t have left feeling as though I’d been duped out of the distinct Feminist voice I felt I’d been promised. Nevertheless, I can’t deny that Charlotte Vincent got me thinking!

Click the link in the title above to read my full 3-star review on Bachtrack.

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