Dating Etiquette, period.

Dating Etiquette, period.

How many times have you heard a friend mention how grossed out they are by the idea of sex on menses?

Actually, how often does anyone even speak openly about ‘riding the crimson wave’? ‘Hardly ever’, do I hear you say?

If you're comfortable enough to get this close, can't you talk openly...?
If you’re comfortable enough to get this close, can’t you talk openly…?

What on earth is the etiquette with periods when dating? Are you supposed to “be indisposed” and hide from the world while you “can’t” have sex, or, if not, how do you say no without saying that you’re on, or seeming like you’re not interested?!

If you’re squeamish then this is a topic you would probably prefer not to discuss, but that’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT that you click on the link in the title to keep reading! 

This is my first post for communal blog,, established by an inspiring friend of mine, Yaz Vigus some years ago, and growing all the time.

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