Michael Clark Company leaves audience speechless

Harry Alexander by Jake Walters B 300dpi
Harry Alexander of Michael Clark Company © Jake Walters

Michael Clark Company leaves audience speechless

Unique, wacky and more than a little bit mad, Michael Clark’s triple bill at the Barbican will leave you speechless, if a little frazzled. Co-commissioned by the Barbican, the works Michael Clark Company present do not have individual names, but form three parts of a whole. This is an upgrade of the double bill Clark presented in Autumn 2012, which consisted of two diametrically opposed halves and has been likened to two sides of a vinyl record. The record analogy is extremely apt for describing Clark’s choreography: it’s astounding how closely music and movement are tied together in All Three at Once. This bold, unapologetic triple bill bombards the brain from all directions: I can safely say I have never before seen anything like it.

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This is my fifth dance review for Bachtrack, I have recently been appointed as the dance & ballet representative at Bachtrack.com.

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