De Oscuro: Mac//Beth

Mac//Beth © De Oscuro
Mac//Beth © De Oscuro

De Oscuro: Mac//Beth

De Oscuro’s Mac//Beth is a dark and brooding piece of dance, brimming with stunning visual scenes, and well-placed in the intimate space of the Royal Opera House: Linbury Studio Theatre. Choreographer and Director, Judith Roberts’ piece opens in a filmic fashion: projections on the back wall set the scene and announce the title in fiery letters as live music from the Elysian Quartet ramps up the tension. In a moment of hush, the three witches appear. As they undergo a ritual de-robing, they shed warm layers, their faces appearing from under shadowy hoods. The three pile up their clothing and methodically set them aside, as if to say it’s time to begin…

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Dynamic set design &copy: De Oscuro
Dynamic set design © De Oscuro

This is my third dance review for Bachtrack, and my first since moving to London to become the dance & ballet representative at

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