Home life: returning home

When I began writing this blog I described myself as something akin to nomadic. I hadn’t had stayed in a permanent “home” – rented or otherwise – for a matter of months. I was living on the bare minimum of belongings without many luxuries between early June and late August, reducing what I carried every time I had the chance to palm things of on unsuspecting parents during a visit.

Wisteria at the kitchen window

I have now been living at home for about 6 weeks. The first few days at home I was too exhausted to do anything, but for a week after that I spent every day tidying and sorting my possessions, and giving things away to Oxfam. Since then, I have been really been enjoying the luxurious living here at home with my family, in our wonderful house and garden. Not only do I have all of my possessions within arms reach, but I have the autonomy of my own transport (albeit a bike) and the comfortable companionship of my wonderful family.

It’s a strange thing, coming home (semi-) permanently having lived independently (and overseas) for the last five years. It’s not something most graduates want to do – many people feel they have little or no freedom at home, they argue with their parents and siblings, and don’t like the inevitable familial invasions into their privacy. I can’t say I am entirely impervious to these feelings – we all get stressed out by living at home, because our families know us better than anyone, so know how to vex us better than anyone. But there are so many benefits of living at home:

1. Food

Home cooked food, full of fresh vegetables, grains, healthy expensive things that I couldn’t afford as a student, and wouldn’t be able to afford as a graduate on minimum wage.

2. Family life

Families have their own little niches, in-jokes and general sillinesses. I am thoroughly enjoying the antics going on around me 24/7.

3. Security

The support you get from your family, both emotionally and monetarily is unparalleled. Having someone to talk to, cry at, laugh with, at the end of a long day/week/month is a really healthy part of communal living. Knowing that you don’t have to pay rent or think about bills and how much things cost is an added bonus.

I am sure there are more, but those are the ones most prominent to me at this point in my home life experience of returning to the nest after so long away. I want to explore each one in a bit more detail over the coming days/weeks, so keep an eye out!

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