The Pomegranate

Today is my wonderful mother's birthday. I am over eight thousand kilometres from her at home, but my thoughts have been on her all day. She's an utter inspiration. She's taught me so much, continually encourages me to follow my dreams and supports me in every decision I make. She's never once prevented me from [...]

If only I had…

The potential to miss our biggest and best opportunities is part and parcel of life. It's finite nature, our mortality, is what makes life worth living to the absolute full. Knowing I have missed past opportunities, and could let future chances pass me by, fuels my ambition and makes me work harder to achieve the [...]

Hippie Food

One thing I readily appreciated about living at home, is the food. I mean home cooked food, which is full of fresh vegetables and healthy grains. Most of all the expensive things that I couldn't afford as a student. I have been feeling a lot healthier for eating so well over the past six or seven [...]

Home life: returning home

When I began writing this blog I described myself as something akin to nomadic. I hadn't had stayed in a permanent "home" - rented or otherwise - for a matter of months. I was living on the bare minimum of belongings without many luxuries between early June and late August, reducing what I carried every [...]