Aung San Suu Kyi resolved to form reconciliation government, to lead Burma from ‘above the president’

Tomorrow, Sunday 8th November 2015, is election day. Burma (Myanmar) is in desperate need of change, and, if democratic process is adhered to, the people of Burma will soon have the change they deserve. This is a huge moment for the Burmese people who have fought for freedom and democracy on many fronts for many many [...]

Since you left me

Here is a piece I wrote a little over a year ago, sitting in a coffee shop in Beijing, recuperating after a disappointing afternoon and a tough first few weeks in China. After all the frustrations I'd come up against and the trying paths I'd trodden to get there, I hoped that maybe I had [...]

“Do hippies dye their hair?”

What's a girl to do the night before taking an international flight to an shiny metropolitan city she's never been to before? Other than prepare for the morning's classes, remember to water the plants, write a to-do list with a whiteboard propped on her lap... Why, dye her hair of course (and pack, packing should [...]

Highs and lows: San Francisco Ballet’s ‘Caprice’ programme

On the second night of San Francisco Ballet’s second visit to Beijing, the American ballet company treated their Chinese audience to a varied programme in four parts. Tomasson’s own Caprice opened the event, followed by Christopher Wheeldon’s Rush and Hans van Manen’s Variations for Two Couples, finally closing the evening with George Balanchine’s Theme and Variations. [...]