Inform your local Representative about Burma

You may need an international organization to help you petition international representatives in Burma itself, but you can petition your local representative without a middleman. You can use the form below, adapt it or write your own message, but make sure to include the hyperlinks therein. Scroll down for instructions on how to contact your local representative.

Dear (Representative Name)

I am writing to bring your attention to the need to support democracy in Myanmar (Burma). We need to show the government there that the world is watching their November elections, which have the greatest chance to introduce elements of true democracy to the country.

Currently, Myanmar (Burma) is at a turning point. The November elections build on the progress of Aung Sun Suu Kyi’s release from house arrest and acceptance into the Myanmar government as a nominal representative. But the safety of campaigners and transparency of the election are under attack at the same time. The last “free and fair” election resulted in a victory for Aung Sun Suu Kyi only to be pushed back by a surprise amendment to the Myanmar constitution. This election is already being plagued by attacks on free speech:

  • The ongoing arrest and imprisonment of peaceful activists and human rights defenders in the country is reducing the pro-democracy electorate and the threat is enough to prevent many Burmese people from voting.
  • Burmese citizens in outlying states are being refused their right to vote due to their religious beliefs as a result of anti-Muslim bills.
  • Selected political candidates are being denied the right to run in the November elections.

Additionally, the sheer lack of transparency in the Burmese electoral system is a serious hindrance to democratic progress.

I am urging you to help by pushing for a vote of support for free elections in Myanmar (Burma). Please make a motion to support Amnesty International’s campaign to free prisoners of conscience, launched October 8th 2015, calling on international representatives in Myanmar (Burma) to publicly call on President Sein Thein.

Read more about prisoners of conscience in Myanmar (Burma).

Read more about Amnesty International’s work in Myanmar (Burma).

In the past the international community have played a key role in securing the release of prisoners of conscience in Myanmar (Burma).  I am urging you now to use your influence to ensure that people of Myanmar (Burma) are free to vote.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)

Contacting your local representative:

If you are in the UK –

There are various Ways to Contact Your MP. Here’s how to Find your local MP.

If you are in the USA –

You can Contact your Representative. Or Contact your Senator.

If you are in Australia –

Search to Find Your Electorate or Find your local Member. Read the Guidelines for contacting Senators and Members. Also read How to Get Politicians Attention.

If you are in South Africa –

To contact your Ward Counsellor you must contact the Customer Care centre of your municipality. Ward counsellors have offices and consultation times. To contact your Municipal Counsellor or MMC, find their contact information on your municipal website (all the municipalities have websites). To contact your Provincial Counsellor (MEC) you must go through the relevant departments (e.g. if you want to contact the MEC of Health for the Gauteng Province, look on the Department of Health website for the contact information).

If you are elsewhere –

It is highly likely that you know far more about how to contact politicians in your country than I do. If you’d like my help, or if you know how to contact your local politicians and would like to see your country added to this list, please contact me.

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