In September 2014 I moved to Beijing, where I work as a university English professor in Wudaokou, Haidian. I’m learning Chinese, exploring, meeting people from all walks of life and writing about it as I go.

Little boy playing with fish at Shanghai's Yuyuan Gardens
Little boy playing with fish at Shanghai’s Yuyuan Gardens

I first came to Beijing for a week in May 2013, for a Student Forum organised by the British Council, China. A whirlwind of a week, that trip rekindled my love for Asia and I redoubled my efforts to find a way back here. Until that point, I had been bent on returning to Korea, but something about Beijing attracted me in a new way. There is a feeling of freedom, a wealth of opportunity and a promise of possibility in Beijing that I hadn’t found in Korea. Here in China, despite all apparent restrictions, I feel I am free to do and be whatever I want to. There is the time, space, money and option to be several things at once.

I’m a professor at a university, a language student, a writer, a member of the expat community… I’m embracing the performing arts scene in Beijing. I’m exploring the city. I’m traveling the country. I’m forming relationships I hope will last a lifetime.

Here’s a link to everything I’ve written since my big move to China and here’s a little about my first visit to China. Here are a selection of articles for which China is my muse.

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