Eva Yerbabuena interview

Eva Yerbabuena © Ruben Martin
Eva Yerbabuena © Ruben Martin

Arguably one of the most influential female artists in contemporary Flamenco, Eva Yerbabuena is known for having a unique approach to Flamenco, which includes dramatising storylines, creating group choreography and mixing dance styles in her works. She tours worldwide, both as a solo artist and with her company Eva Yerbabuena Ballet Flamenco, and is celebrated internationally with resounding critical acclaim.

Last year, Yerbabuena was nominated and shortlisted for Best Female Performer of Dance in the 2014 National Dance Awards (UK), which is the first time a flamenco artist has been selected since the awards were established in 2000/2001.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, check out the rhythms and movement in this video of Yerbabuena:

I got to interview this wonderful dancer for work, and to discuss her experience of performing at various Flamenco festivals around the world. She is performing at the major Flamenco festival in Jerez this month, and performed at the London Flamenco festival this time last year. Her responses to my questions (via email, unfortunately – I would have loved to speak to her directly, but she’s a busy lady and we needed some English-Spanish translation too) were direct and vivid. One part really stood out to me:

“To me, there is no favorite festival, and all festivals I have performed at are really special. I think that the favorite is always the one to come. Whether I have not been or if I have performed there before, to me is always exciting and I get the hope of returning.”

Yerbabuena’s aspirations to continually improve, create new work and perform to new audiences is an inspiring message whatever your profession. Looking to the future for new challenges, bigger, better and more exciting things is what drives us onward. It’s easy to forget and lose sight of the future sometimes, but a little reminder of what it means to have aspirations can be really useful sometimes. And I have a world Flamenco icon to thank for that gem of good advice.

To read my full piece on Eva Yerbabuena, follow this link to the interview on Bachtrack.

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