Xingping: The Twenty Yuan View

Xingping, China, July 2015 © ZhendeGender The 20 yuan (renminbi) image is the view from Xingping, China Xingping, China, July 2015 © ZhendeGender

Pyone Thet Thet Kyaw on Developing her own Fashion Brand in Burma (Interview: part 2)

Pyone Thet Thet Kyaw can be found at the British Embassy, working for the Department for International Development (DFID) in Yangon from 9-5, and leading her own dressmaking start-up, Virya Couture, on 39th Street every evening, juggling two completely different careers but pursuing one dream. Pyone spans sectors while securing rights for her fellow women [...]


Betel nut is Burma (Myanmar)'s most common addiction. Little parcels of tobacco and Areca nuts wrapped in lime-coated betel leaves are passed around and chewed.  Coating leaves in lime, Yangon, Burma, Jan 2017 © ZhendeGender Betel is commonly chewed by cab drivers who use the drug concoction to stay awake for long hours on the [...]