Is there ever such a thing as a new interpretation of Shakespeare?

"How relevant is Shakespeare?" is one of those questions that crops up a lot. Particularly during a Theatre degree. The majority of contemporary Shakespeare productions I've seen have made the story, the characters, the language somehow relevant to modern life. From Baz Luhrmann's 1996 Romeo + Juliet to Ong Keng Sen's intercultural Asian Shakespeare series [...]

A Writer’s Lot, Edinburgh Fringe

A Writer’s Lot, Edinburgh Fringe I am one of fifteen members of a new theatre company called IntwoTheWings. We came together to tour performances of a brilliant new play, A Writer’s Lot. A Writer’s Lot is about a playwright, William, who is obsessed by death and writing about death, and must deal with his psychosis. [...]

Reviews: A Writer’s Lot

Reviews: A Writer's Lot Two 4-star reviews from EdFringe Review. Two reviewers watched last night's performance of A Writer's Lot at the Space at Surgeon's Hall and gave us eight stars between them! We're all over the moon, and I'm incredibly proud to be part of such a wonderful team of people. Click on the [...]