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Words and Women: Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand in 1966 | image from elle

Why is it that men are permitted to be obsessed about their work, but women are only permitted to be obsessed about men?

Barbra Streisand (b. 1942) is American singer, songwriter, actor, and filmmaker. In a career spanning six decades, Streisand is among the ten best-selling female artists of all time in the US music industry. She starred in nineteen films between 1968 and 2012, and was nominated for BAFTAs and Golden Globes galore.

In 1983, Streisand became the first woman to write, produce, direct, and star in a major studio film. The film, Yentl won an Oscar and a Golden Globe, while Streisand received the Golden Globe for Best Director, the first and only woman to win that award to date.


Words and Women is a regular feature that spotlights short quotations from influential women activists, artists, and authors.

Looking Back

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“It was a very peaceful place… and up ahead, we hear this blood curdling scream”. When he met a traveller on the way to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Tom accidentally got more than he bargained for.

In this video, Tom thinks back on an old story from his early days in China as he packs up to leave after living in China for eleven years.

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Princess of Peace

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“Don’t tell me that all Chinese guys like skinny girls, that’s just not true!” Yuan Xiaodan’s experience tells otherwise: her high school nickname, ‘Princess of Peace’ has another meaning. In this short film, Xiaodan tells us a heartwarming story about bullying, family relationships, and lasting friendships.

Princess of Peace is the second Narrate China film, created by China Narrative Collective who aim to vividly share stories of real life experiences in China and make intimate perspectives accessible online.

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Hey You Down There

A young woman receives unsolicited advice on her appearance from a disembodied male voice straight out of a 1950s public service announcement. The 1950s doesn’t seem to believe she’s showing off her ‘assets’ enough for a 2016 job interview.

Young woman: Cas Sutherland
Voice: Sven Romberg

Written and directed by Kyrie Gray
Filmed in Beijing, May 2016

Presenting: Narrate China

Narrate China is a video project by China Narrative Collective, an international collective founded in 2016, with a focus on life in China. Our videos aim to vividly share stories of real life experiences in China and make intimate perspectives accessible online.

Cas Sutherland speaks to Evan Zhou

On the Way

A young Chinese entrepreneur tells the story of his experience in China’s busiest transport hub just days before Spring Festival. The young man’s view are challenged by a lone child he meets in Guangzhou train station as the country’s workers head home for Chinese New Year.

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Meet the team

Cas Sutherland and Sven Romberg work together on content development. Maxi Battaglia and Ponita Reasmey work on photography, cinematography, editing and design. Shel Yu translates into Chinese, and Maxi Battaglia translates into Spanish.

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