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A Writer’s Lot, Edinburgh Fringe

521702_559588627397427_1121314753_nA Writer’s Lot, Edinburgh Fringe

I am one of fifteen members of a new theatre company called IntwoTheWings. We came together to tour performances of a brilliant new play, A Writer’s Lot.

A Writer’s Lot is about a playwright, William, who is obsessed by death and writing about death, and must deal with his psychosis.

A Writer’s Lot was performed at the Village Centre in Englefield Green, Surrey, in June and at the Windsor Firestation in July. Our primary focus though, was performing this enthralling play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2013. We had a run of 14 shows at The Space at Surgeon’s Hall, which is very close to Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, where we did a huge amount of campaigning. It was a truly memorable experience, and possibly the best three weeks of my entire year.


Six and a half weeks ago the lease on my room at university ended. Since then, I have been nomadic (or homeless, whichever way you want to look at it). I have gradually been reducing my possessions, not by throwing them away as my inner anti-establishment hippie would like to, but by taking/sending them to my family home. I now have just a little too much to carry comfortably, but the perfect amount to furnish my day-to-day life indefinitely. Image

In these six and a half weeks, I have stayed for short periods in six different homes, not including a brief visit to home home, the family home. I’m lucky to have kind and welcoming friends, who have let me stay and looked after me properly. I haven’t had to sleep on a sofa, or on the floor, more than once the whole time!

I have moved around quite a bit, carrying a little less each time, but the majority of the time I have been staying in student-ville, Egham. A few days ago however, I did the biggest move yet! I hopped on a train, and then on a bus, and made my way to Edinburgh. A nine-hour journey later, and I was welcomed to my most recent temporary home, where I have been molly-coddled as much as any recent graduate would care to be.

Today, though, I move once again, to an unknown flat in an unknown house, which far too many of us are letting for three weeks while we perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Finally, I will be staying somewhere I have actually paid rent for, and for the first time, will regularly be sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, as there are not enough beds for all of us (even sharing).